Australian Homeschooling Summit 2020 – 4th May to 15th May

Here is the best opportunity, at the best price, to have your questions answered about home education in Australia live. The Australian Homeschooling Summit 2020.

Get your $25 ticket to 30 presentations by clicking here. $25 gives you unlimited access to the 30 presentations for years to come.

30 presentations covering how to begin, what to expect, what to teach, how to learn and where support is available to enhance your home education experience wherever or whenever you are in your journey.

Click here and make a small $25 investment in your future home education and help your children and yourself to thrive. (Afflink)

Come, listen and ask questions of some of the leading home educators in the country. This is your opportunity to get some insights into questions that you need answered. Ed Consult with Myfanwy Dibben presenting, will be there for the first time this year, talking on History and Geography Grades 1 – 12.

Ed Consult. Supporting Home Educators Across Australia.

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