STAT or SAT Tests

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A home educated student or any student for that matter, can choose to sit exams as a way to demonstrate their academic capacity to cope with the course requirements. They could take the SAT or STAT exams.

SAT exams (American)

The Scholastic Aptitude Test or SAT 1 is a general test of literacy, numeracy and general reasoning skills accepted for USA college admissions and costs around US$53 for the international registration fee plus US$49.50 for the multiple choice test or US$64.50 for the multiple choice and English Writing text. There are testing venues around Australia. If your student has completed the SAT exams, they will need to manually submit a certified copy of the results to the territory or state’s university admissions centre .

Always check with the university if this pathway will be accepted. Click here for more information on the SAT pathway.

STAT exams (Australian)

The Australian Special Tertiary Admissions Test or STAT exam, run by ACER is a two-hour Multiple Choice test which evaluates skills associated with verbal and quantitative reasoning. The cost is around $150 however do check first if this is an accepted qualification before relying on it for entry into your student’s chosen course.

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