Supporting Home Educators Across Australia

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The journey begins at home

There has never been more access to information about home education or curriculum or methodologies. But this also means there is a huge onus on us to be able to sift through the vast stores of information in order to make sense of the world and what is available to us and to help our children grow up to be the best people they can be.

Collective Intelligence (CI) is the capacity of human collectives to engage in intellectual cooperation in order to create, innovate and invent.

Pierre Levy

Ed Consult is there to help you learn all you need to know about Home Education across Australia. Follow the Ed Consult blog and Youtube Channel here in order to become fully informed about what home education is, what part governments play, when there are benefits to home educators and their families, and when you should be informed of challenges facing our diverse community.

In truth, it has never been easier to home educate your child than today. With access to reliable internet, a library card, some energy and enthusiasm, you have the power to create, innovate and invent the most exclusive and individually tailored education, better than the most expensive and exclusive private schools in Australia.

The blog and video series will clarify your rights, your understanding and help give you the tools and language to deal with:

  • Managing doubt from your families, the community or even yourself about your own home education journey.
  • Registration issues,
  • Home visits in states and territories that have them,
  • Helping students transition to tertiary education pathways 
  • Explore alternative education to the mainstream institutional classroom learning.

The blog and videos will also explain:

  •  Financial assistance that is available to some families depending on their circumstances,
  • Any benefits such as discounts for museums and galleries, remote and regional internet access, group online subscriptions not available to individuals, and discounts at some stores in Australia,
  • Insurances: for home educators organising events, and for students’ work experience needs,

But more importantly

To keep the Australian community up to date on issues affecting lobbying efforts with governments at all levels that affect you, the home educator or parent or guardian of young people.  And to help educate the Australian community as a whole; Clearing up any misunderstandings or confusion as to what alternative education pathways look like for our children.

Ed Consult has the support of some of the most respected home educators across Australia. They have been there and done that, and who have generously provided support and fact checking to help make this resource accurate and reliable to help you make critical decisions with confidence on your child’s journey from Primary to tertiary education, and beyond to the work force and a happy and fulfilled future adulthood.

You can play a part

You can contribute in the comments section with questions you need answered, or you can utilise the blogs and soon to come, letter writing section of this website to support you in your interactions with greater Australia in relation to your right to home educate your child. We all need support from time to time, and Ed Consult is here for you.

“An informed parent or caregiver becomes empowered, and empowerment can lead to the best care for our children.’

Charisse Montgomery

Ed Consult. Supporting Home Educators Across Australia.

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