Home Educators Leading the Way

For the first time in 100 years, home education becomes mainstream.

As Corona Virus shuts down whole countries, there is a mass migration back to the home for Generation Z and away from their institutional educations at school.

A highly successful Facebook group run by an admin team of experienced and dedicated Australian home educators was formed quickly to help support families suddenly finding themselves at home with their children for up to 6 months. Home school due to Virus & School Closures In Australia Facebook page has been populated with free education support pages and online services. There is a buzz of support for how to reconnect with their children whilst also trying to understand how to continue to educate them without the help of the schools.

This is an amazing opportunity for home educators across the world to show mainstreamers how different education can look. Do our children need to do book work to still be learning? What will happen to our senior student’s chances of getting into university next year? Is free play really ok?

Jump online and join the new Facebook group to get the best out of your time at home with your children.

Ed Consult. Supporting Home Educators Across Australia.

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