Concerns: Returning to School Term 1 2022


Are you concerned about sending your child back to school with Omicron, RATS and masks?

Parents are expressing online, their concerns about twice weekly Rapid Antigen Tests and mask mandates for children in schools during the largest wave of Covid in 2 years. Some parents are stating they will be choosing to take their children out of school for a time they deem necessary. The message from the Government though, is if parents choose to do that, they could face legal charges being laid for parents who fail to take their children to school 5 days a week when term 1, 2022 begins.

Where does this leave parents?

Facing possible criminal charges if they choose to shelter in place until the Omicron wave passes?

Unfortunately, the Education Acts around Australia can be rigid in requiring attendance and criminal charges would be the long term natural consequence of refusing to take their children to the school their child is registered as attending.

What can parents do?

Parents can simply apply to home educate their children in whatever state or territory they live in. Home education doesn’t have to be forever. It may just be a few months while this crazy time passes. But if you catch the bug and see what it really means to home educate, as opposed to school at home, maybe you will stick around. We would love to welcome you to our vibrant and diverse community.

If you would like support, enquire about a consultation in person or online. Just email and we can help you land on your feet.

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Home Educators Leading the Way

For the first time in 100 years, home education becomes mainstream.

As Corona Virus shuts down whole countries, there is a mass migration back to the home for Generation Z and away from their institutional educations at school.

A highly successful Facebook group run by an admin team of experienced and dedicated Australian home educators was formed quickly to help support families suddenly finding themselves at home with their children for up to 6 months. Home school due to Virus & School Closures In Australia Facebook page has been populated with free education support pages and online services. There is a buzz of support for how to reconnect with their children whilst also trying to understand how to continue to educate them without the help of the schools.

This is an amazing opportunity for home educators across the world to show mainstreamers how different education can look. Do our children need to do book work to still be learning? What will happen to our senior student’s chances of getting into university next year? Is free play really ok?

Jump online and join the new Facebook group to get the best out of your time at home with your children.

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3. Alternative Pathways to Tertiary Education

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This is the third blog in the series on alternative pathways for entry into Tertiary education. To get the full story, click on the links below.

Open University

Many home educated students enroll and study online through Open University. Open University has no prerequisites for many of its units. You can complete a full degree through Open Universities or study several units and then use them to apply for entry to a degree at your chosen university. The number of units necessary may vary according to the subjects studied and the academic results obtained.

Subjects studied at Open University may even give credit for units in the degree you choose to switch to. The student is also eligible for Fee Help or HECS Help when they apply for an entire degree but not for single subjects, which average between approximately $800-$1400 per subject.

Sitting an Exam

A home educated student can choose to sit exams as a way to demonstrate their academic capacity to cope with the course requirements. They could take the SAT such as is offered through Melbourne University for example or with the STAT exams.

One alternative way to get into the course of your choice directly is through the Scholastic Aptitude Test or SAT 1 is a general test of literacy, numeracy and general reasoning skills accepted for USA college admissions and costs around US$52 with testing venues around Australia. If your student has completed the SAT 1 exam, they will need to manually submit a certified copy of the results to the state’s university admissions centre. As always, please check with the admission centre if your particular university will accept the SAT scores as entry.

The Australian Special Tertiary Admissions Test or STAT exam is a two-hour Multiple Choice test which evaluates skills associated with verbal and quantitative reasoning. The cost is around $150 however do check first if this is an accepted qualification before relying on it for entry into your student’s chosen course. Not all universities will accept this exam for entry.

An exam such as these may be an opportunity for a home educated student to demonstrate to themselves that they have the right skills ready for University level study if they have never sat a formal exam before. The exams are a can be an expensive way to help a students decide on the right path for them, and give them entry into their chosen field of study.

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What Have We Learnt with Ed Consult this February 2020?

There is so much to learn about home education in Australia. In February 2020, there was a focus on HSIE – Geography and History as well as a Tertiary Education Mini Series and some helpful blogs on satellite internet, dealing with prejudice and the home educated child’s edge, time. Here is a list so you can stay informed and up to date.

Tertiary Education Special

A Focus on Geography / History and the NSW HSIE KLA

Technical and Personal Support Blogs for the Home Educator in Australia

And the Latest Videos from the Ed Consult YouTube Channel

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Research shows limitations in the HSC for Student Opportunities Due to Simply Being Poor

Click here to read the Sydney Morning Herald article HSC subject hierarchy can lower students’ horizons, says study. Every subject in the NSW HSC program is scaled in preprogrammed ways in order to determine an ATAR number, rating every student into a single reference point for convenient administration of universities’ application processes. Every student receives a ranking in relation to every other student firstly in relation to their classmates at school and then in relation to their cohort in the state to determine their future path.

The state’s most advantaged students have better access to high-status, high-scaling HSC subjects, new research has found – raising concerns that limited, low-status curriculum offerings are causing poorer students to lower their aspirations.

Jordan Baker – Sydney Morning Herald December 13, 2019

The trouble is that there has been a schism opening up where schools with a higher socio-economic status of students are taking on subjects that have a more advantageous scaling such as Music Extension and Music 2, higher mathematics, or advanced English and lower socio-economic state schools may not even be able to offer those high scaling subjects with only 1-2 students applying.

This schism gives an immediate ATAR advantage to the rich kids over the poor kids simply because of the way the scaling of the more academically rigorous subjects is calculated. This scaling enables a student at an exclusive private school in Sydney an opportunity to have a higher ATAR simply by enrolling in a high scaling course of Music 2 compared to the student in far west NSW who enrols in Family Studies vocational training.

So upon graduation after 13 years of education, the students are already divided into class structures because of a mathematical formula.

Yet another reason to chose to home educate in the higher levels of highschool. The home educated student can study what they want to study and pursue the future they want to pursue without any impediments imposed upon them by the state education system. Home educated students are truly free.

For more information on how home educated students can enter tertiary education without an ATAR, read this blog post Alternative Pathways to Tertiary Education and take advantage of the freedom of choice.

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Clarity for Stages 4-5 HSIE Subject choices in NSW with NESA

HSIE has been an area of confusion for home educators in NSW when writing learning plans for their students in years 7-10 in the History Society and Its Environment subject area.

Home educated students enjoy the most freedom of choice when choosing what they will study, when compared to their schooled peers who are required to study History and Geography for all of stages 4-5.

NESA has acknowledged that their Guidelines for Homeschooling document is misleading, suggesting that it must be History or Geography however they are in the process of updating this document to express the true requirements rather than simply what state schools generally do.

Home Educated students must choose to study at least one of the following subjects during stages 4-5 but can change what that subject is throughout the period of study:


Aboriginal Studies 7–10 Go to syllabus

Commerce 7–10 Go to syllabus

Geography K–10 Go to syllabus

Geography Elective 7–10 Go to syllabus

History K–10 Go to syllabus

History Elective 7–10 Go to syllabus

Work Education 7–10 Go to syllabus

A student may study History and Geography as an integrated subject. It is rather difficult to teach History without Geography given the events all happened in a place somewhere.

The nice thing to remember is that as a home educated student, you can choose to study Commerce for four years rather than History or Geography and can exercise more choice in their study plans than their schooled peers. Yet another reason to choose to home educate.

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Aboriginal Tale a Geology Lesson with Australian Indigenous History all in one

Long ago, four giant beings arrived in southeast Australia. Three strode out to other parts of the continent, but one crouched in place. His body transformed into a volcano called Budj Bim, and his teeth became the lava the volcano spat out.

Told by the Aboriginal Gunditjmara people of south west Victoria

Is an Aboriginal tale of an ancient volcano the oldest story ever told?

By Colin BarrasFeb. 11, 2020 , 5:40 PM

This article explores the fascinating link between the tale of the Gunditjmara people of the four giants and the rapid formation of the Tower Hill volcano 37,000 years ago, creating the possibility of this story being the oldest story in human history. Supporting evidence of human occupation in the area includes the discovery of an axe head covered in a layer of volcanic ash from that period.

For home educators, a cross curricular approach to education is always the most effective way to learn about something new. Read here for more information. Read a brief version of the original story with indigenous language included in the telling.

By exploring this story with your children, you will be covering science through geology, history through learning about human artefacts buried deep in the ground and their significance, Language Other Than English (LOTE) through exposure to the Gunditjmara story, and gain a better appreciation of how rich the knowledge that has been preserved through the longest continuous culture in the world can be. All this learning can be translated across all stages of the Australian Curriculum to suit the learning needs of the student.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures cross-curriculum priority recognises two distinct needs in the Australian Curriculum:

• Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students can see themselves, their identities and their cultures reflected in the curriculum of each of the learning areas, can fully participate in the curriculum and can build their self-esteem.
• The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures cross-curriculum priority is designed for all students to engage in reconciliation, respect and recognition of the world’s oldest continuous living cultures.

“We’re always amazed with … new technologies that prove the brilliance of our ancestors.”

Damein Bell, CEO of the Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation

If you are on Facebook, it is well worth joining the Home School Maths & Science group to learn more about teaching science and maths in the home.

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The Power of Learning History Through Reality TV

Too often it is said by long suffering students, that learning history is soooo boring.

Here is a way to bring history alive to everyone in the family. Historical reality TV shows insert ordinary people and experts into the clothes, the buildings, the smells, the work loads, the food, and the reality of what it was really like to live as our ancestors have lived before us.

Click here for a link to a comprehensive webpage all about historical reality TV shows to really engage your learners.

Help bring history alive in your home.

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Update on Sky Muster Education Ports for Regional Internet Access

This is a reminder for the parents of Australian Home Educated Students that they along with their Distance Education peers can access the nbn Sky Muster Education Port for internet access with up to 3 dedicated 50G download limit separate from the household connection.

It is a big thank you to the Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association for pushing for this equity of access.

This is a huge win for remote home educators. In the past, families would be sharing, on average, 20G per month with speeds under 1mpps on their satellite NBN. This would place a great deal of difficulty of trying to allocate the download resources for all the family’s needs.

Sky Muster Education Ports provide internet access for students without access to wired NBN, which is more expensive, and has only a limited download. The Education Port is only available on the NBN Sky Muster satellite service.

Home Education Students (Pre K -12) who have registered with their State Education Department and are in receipt of the Federal Government’s Geographically Isolated AIC Allowance, may now apply to a Retail (Internet) Service Provider for access to the NBN Sky Muster Education Port.

Equally, Students (Pre K -12) who have a medical condition and are in receipt of the Medical AIC Allowance living in an NBN Sky Muster designated area, may now also apply to a Retail (Internet) Service Provider (RSP) for access too.

Stay tuned for more information on access for other regional home educators. And viewers, please do let us know at if there are any changes to this scheme.

Here are some details:

1.       Student’s Home Education registration and AIC status will be verified as part of the approval process. Regular audits will be conducted to confirm the status of Students.

2.       It is the Parent’s / Carer’s responsibility to advise RSPs when Students complete their education or change their status e.g. move to Distance Education or into non-home based education.

3.       Students who have been approved for access to the Education port are allocated 50 Gigs per month. That can be used at any time of the day for Education purposes.

4.       Up to 3 students (50 Gigs each) can be connected as standard. 1 Student is approx. $40 – 50 per month, 2 Students are approx. $70 per month, 3 Students are approx. $90 per month. Check the pricing with the individual RSPs as they vary.

5.       If there are more than 3 students at a site, special arrangements will be made to accommodate them. This may alter how the tariff is charged.

6.       If the school room is in a house with an existing Sky Muster service, the Education port will be attached to that service. If the School House is remote from the house, then a standalone Sky Muster service could be provided at that location. It can have a Standard + Education service or just an Education service.

You cannot have 2 Sky Muster services on the same building.

7.       Depending on the number of Students and the configuration of the internet installation, it may be necessary to purchase a Router to connect Student devices to the Sky Muster service.

8.       All costs associated with the Education Port are the responsibility of the parents / carers.

For more details about this scheme, please see the information including web links for 6 Rural Service Providers (RSP) who sell the Education Port.

For some general information from the launch of the NBN Sky Muster Education Port click here

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The Home Educated Students’ Edge … Time

Time to be quiet. Time to stretch and yawn. Time to think. Time to be absorbed. Time to grow. Time to search. Time to imagine. Time to experiment. Time to explore. Time to move. Time to excel.

And all without the interruption of a bell!

Photo by manu mangalassery on

Home educated kids do not have to wake up at a certain time, or eat at a certain time, or start a learning opportunity at a certain time, or go to the toilet at a certain time.

Home educated kids can speed up their learning or slow it down. They can work while school is on and study on the weekends. Home educated kids can start university as soon as they are ready to. All this without the constraints of the K to 12 standard school system.

Home educated kids have the edge over their schooled cousins. They have time to explore and potentially realise their true, authentic selves and reach their goals, perhaps years before their peers have even finished year 12. In fact, the old notion of staying in school until year 12 is rapidly becoming a disadvantage for many, while the “school drop out” is gaining an edge in an increasingly unstructured and self-directed world.

A great example of the benefits of time was seen with home educated Billie Eilish’s recent sweeping wins at the Grammy Awards on the 26th January 2020. Click here to read more. In the same interview, Baird stressed the flexibility of homeschooling for parents and children alike.

Everybody’s always out doing things, traveling, going places, meeting for classes, and organizing field trips. It’s like going to college. You take what you want, where you want it, and you find what you need…Homeschooling allows us to let them do the things that they really love to do and not have a giant academic schedule on top of it.

Maggie Baird – mother of Billie Eilish

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