The Home Educated Students’ Edge … Time

Time to be quiet. Time to stretch and yawn. Time to think. Time to be absorbed. Time to grow. Time to search. Time to imagine. Time to experiment. Time to explore. Time to move. Time to excel.

And all without the interruption of a bell!

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Home educated kids do not have to wake up at a certain time, or eat at a certain time, or start a learning opportunity at a certain time, or go to the toilet at a certain time.

Home educated kids can speed up their learning or slow it down. They can work while school is on and study on the weekends. Home educated kids can start university as soon as they are ready to. All this without the constraints of the K to 12 standard school system.

Home educated kids have the edge over their schooled cousins. They have time to explore and potentially realise their true, authentic selves and reach their goals, perhaps years before their peers have even finished year 12. In fact, the old notion of staying in school until year 12 is rapidly becoming a disadvantage for many, while the “school drop out” is gaining an edge in an increasingly unstructured and self-directed world.

A great example of the benefits of time was seen with home educated Billie Eilish’s recent sweeping wins at the Grammy Awards on the 26th January 2020. Click here to read more. In the same interview, Baird stressed the flexibility of homeschooling for parents and children alike.

Everybody’s always out doing things, traveling, going places, meeting for classes, and organizing field trips. It’s like going to college. You take what you want, where you want it, and you find what you need…Homeschooling allows us to let them do the things that they really love to do and not have a giant academic schedule on top of it.

Maggie Baird – mother of Billie Eilish

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